Water Damage Restoration

X Water Damage Prevention Checklist
  Sump pump Test monthly
  Back up sump pump Test monthly
  Water alarm battery Test monthly
  Down spout runoff Should extend at least 4 feet from house
  Flashlights Test, keep in emergency kit
  Battery operated radio Test monthly keep in emergency kit
  Matches Keep in emergency kit
  Important documentation Keep in safe place but easy to find
  Back up sump pump battery Service /add water monthly replace every 3 years
  Washing machine supply hoses Check every 6 months replace if corroded or more than 5 years old
  Dish washer supply hose Check every 6 months if rubber or plastic
  Sink supply lines Check yearly replace if plastic or corroded
  Toilet supply lines Check yearly replace if plastic or corroded
  Washing machine discharge Check yearly replace if rubber is cracked replace when 5 years old
  Gutters and downspouts Clean spring and fall more often if trees overhang roof
  Downspout runoff extensions At lease 4 foot away from house
  Basement floor drains Use flood stopper or stand pipe if below grade sewer
  Rod sewer main line At least every year, every 6 sonts is you have experienced tree root problems in the past
  Home sewer system type Overhead or below slab
  Ejector pump and pit Service yearly
  Landscape drainage Grade so water flows away from foundation
  Street storm drains Check clean if leaves cover grate remove especially in fall
  Outside water faucet freeze proof In winter remove hose, allow to drain
  Outside water faucet standard Service for winter remove hose and drain plug, allow water to drain
  Outside wall water supply and faucets Check for any water supplies on outside walls: in winter make sure to keep warm
  Basement wall inspection Inspect yearly for foundation cracks repair as needed
  Water beds Inspect leak liner replace as needed, inspect bladder for hard vinyl
  Toilet age / type inspection  
  Basement window well drains Inspect in spring and fall remove debris
  Basement window well covers Inspect for cracks, replace as required
  Dishwasher discharge Inspect yearly, replace if hard or cracked: make sure if connected via garbage disposal that before dishwasher runs garbage disposal is rum.
  Ice maker tubing Inspect replace if plastic
  Condensate drains on air conditioners Inspect and clean every year
  Sprinklers Inspect for direction and not toward house