How it Works

furniture moving before carpet cleaning

Furniture Moving

Your furniture is carefully moved with sliders, this is done so all areas of the carpets are cleaned. Once the cleaning is completed, your furniture is carefully moved back and placed on special pro­tectors to prevent rust or furniture stains.


Pre-Vacuum/Pile Lifting


Pre-Vacuum / Pile lifting

Up to 80% of carpet dirt is dry, abrasive, and gritty, fiber damaging soils. Our commercial, heavy-duty vacuum is used to remove these non-soluble soils. Removing this type soil every time your carpets are cleaned, will make them look cleaner and last longer.




Pre-Spray before carpet cleaning



Your carpets are treated with special non-toxic cleaning agents, prior to the extraction, which help break down and lift difficult soils to the surface.




Free Spotting Service Call / Ghost Stain Guarantee



Special spotting agents are used to remove any difficult or persistent spots. You will receive a complementary bottle of Spot Out, with our lifetime refill offer. We also offer spot re-coloration for bleach spots, ask your technician.




hot water extraction carpet cleaning


Hot Water Extraction

Soils are quickly flushed away, by the power behind our state of the art, truck mounted mobile cleaning plant.





fiber rinse during carpet cleaning


Fiber Rinse

The fiber rise removes any detergent residue, which neutralizes and brightens carpet fibers. Your carpets are left extra clean, bright and spring fresh.




Baseboard Cleaning


Baseboard Cleaning

For that finished clean look, we wipe away the soil from all baseboards. This gives the whole room the fresh clean look.



Scotchgard Protectant


Scotchgard® Protectant

We apply genuine Scotchgard® Protectant to your carpets. Spills will be easier to clean up and Scotchgard® keeps your carpet looking cleaner longer.




final finishing with carpet cleaning



Final Finishing

We carefully set the pile of your carpet. This gives your carpet the best appearance, softness, and aids in rapid drying.




Speed Drying after Carpet Cleaning


Speed Drying

While we are cleaning, we use commercial air moving equipment to dry your carpets faster.



Free Spotting Service Call / Ghost Stain Guarantee


Free Spotting Service Call

If a new stain occurs within 6 months from your last cleaning, we will return at no charge (a $75.00 value) to treat that stain. Certain stains will require an extra charge.




Free Spotting Service Call / Ghost Stain Guarantee


Ghost Stain Guarantee

Some deep stains may re-appear after cleaning. If this happens, we will come out for free and re-clean that area.





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